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Silo nigricornis (Pictet 1834)  
Silo nigricornis.

Distribution: The species is widespread throughout Europe, except for the Scandinavian countries.

Habitat: Larvae of Silo nigricornis live on stony substratum in rivulets, streams and rivers (Wallace et al. 2003, Botosaneanu & Malicky 1978). They can be found in the Alps, in mountainous regions and in lowlands (Pitsch 1993). Larvae prefer habitats with a current velocity of 40-70 cm/s, but they can also be found in places with current velocities up to 110 cm/s (Nielsen 1942).

Nutrition: Larvae are scrapers and feed on epilithic algae and detritus (Graf et al. 2002, Wallace et al. 2003).

Adults: Adults are present from April to August (Waringer & Graf 1997).