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Philopotamus montanus (Donovan 1813)  
.Philopotamus montanus

Distribution: The distribution area of Philopotamus montanus extends over whole Europe eastwards to NW- and N-Russia.

Habitat: The aquatic stages inhabit headwaters, brooks, rivulets and small rivers in uplands, but do not occur in the Alps (Botosaneanu & Malicky 1978, Braukmann 1987, Pitsch 1993, Waringer & Graf 1997). They are typically found in the rapids of headwaters and in tributaries where water runs vertically down through piles of boulders (Edington & Hildrew 1995) since this species needs moderate to high current velocities.

Nutrition: Larvae are filter-feeders, spinning nets to filter fine particles and diatoms from the water (Waringer & Graf 1997, Graf et al. 2002).

Adults: Adults are on the wing from January to November (Waringer & Graf 1997).