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Oligotricha striata (Linnaeus 1758)  
.Oligotricha striata

Distribution: The distribution area of Oligotricha striata extends over whole Europe (except for the Iberian Peninsula) eastwards to NW- and E-Russia.

Habitat: The aquatic stages inhabit pools and ditches in peat bogs and moors, preferably in mountainous regions, and can be found in stagnant or slowly flowing, acidic water (Botosaneanu & Malicky 1978, Waringer & Graf 1997, Wallace et al. 2003).

Nutrition: Larvae are shredders and carnivorous (Graf et al. 2002). According to Majecki & Malysz (1992, cited by Waringer & Graf 1997) they feed on spawn clumps of Rana temporaria.

Adults: Adults are on the wing from March to July (Waringer & Graf 1997).