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Hydropsyche bulgaromanorum Malicky 1977  
.Hydropsyche bulgaromanorum

Distribution: Hydropsyche bulgaromanorum is spread over whole Europe, except for the southern regions; its eastern distribution extends to N-, NW- and E-Russia.

Habitat: Hydropsyche bulgaromanorum is a characteristic species of the Potamal (Waringer & Graf 1997). Larvae inhabit large rivers and streams (Botosaneanu & Malicky 1978, Pitsch 1993, Robert & Wichard 1994, Edington & Hildrew 1995, Waringer & Graf 1997) and may become the dominant species in reaches immediately upstream of the estuary (Bournaud et al. 1982, Pitsch 1993, Edington & Hildrew 1995). The species tolerates moderate organic pollutions (Graf et al. 2002).

Nutrition: Larvae are scrapers and filter feeders, feeding on aufwuchs, detritus and small invertebrates (Waringer & Graf 1997, Graf et al. 2002).

Adults: Adults are on the wing from March to October (Waringer & Graf 1997).