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Glossosoma boltoni Curtis 1834  
.Glossosoma boltoni

Distribution: Glossosoma boltoni is widespread throughout Europe, excluding Scandinavia and the southern Balkan; the distribution area extends eastwards to N- and NW-Russia1.

Habitat: The species develops in large streams and small to medium-sized rivers (Botosaneanu & Malicky 1978, Pitsch 1993, Robert & Wichard 1994, Waringer & Graf 1997, Wallace et al. 2003). The larvae are typical inhabitants of the upper side of stones and are not found on muddy or sandy substratum (Waringer & Graf 1997).

Nutrition: Larvae are scrapers and feed on epilithic algae and detritus (Graf et al. 2002).

Adults: Adults are present from April to October (Waringer & Graf 1997).