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Drusus chrysotus (Rambur 1842)  
.Drusus chrysotus

Distribution: The spreading area of Drusus chrysotus is restricted to the Alps.

Habitat: The aquatic stages inhabit springs, rivulets and small rivers with stony substratum (Botosaneanu & Malicky 1978, Waringer 1987, Pitsch 1993, Waringer & Graf 1997). The species can even be found in highly acidic springs (Pitsch 1993), but does not tolerate organic pollution.

Nutrition: The larvae are carnivorous or feed on drifting particles, which they filter from the water stream with their legs (Bohle 1983, 1987; Waringer & Graf 1997).

Adults: Adults are present from May to September (Waringer & Graf 1997).