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Beraea maurus (Curtis 1834)  
.Beraea maurus

Distribution: Beraea maurus is widespread throughout Europe, from Scandinavia, Western and Central Europe to the Mediterranean countries, including Spain, Italy, Sicily and Greece.

Habitat: The larvae of Beraea maurus are found in springs and trickles, where they live among moss, debris or dead leaves (Tobias & Tobias 1981, Vaillant 1982, Pitsch 1993, Robert & Wichard 1994, Wallace et al. 2003). They preferably inhabit madiculous habitats (Waringer & Graf 1997, Vaillant 1982).

Nutrition: Larvae are shredders and scrapers (Graf et al. 2002).

Adults: Adults are on the wing from May to August (Waringer & Graf 1997).